Casino parties are a hit among today’s youngsters. sports-picks parties did exist decades ago, but its demand was not as high as it is now. One of the biggest drawbacks of casino parties is its budget. It is way too expensive than the normal parties. Previously casino parties were held at casinos, but today to limit the budget, casino parties are arranged even at home.

Apart from the glamour, glitz, loud music, dance and funky clothes, casino parties are also famous for its food. There should be continuous flow of drinks and food at the casino parties. One should make sure that the guests are always merry and never hungry. It is appropriate to serve the drinks as soon as the guests arrive. It is not necessary to have only alcoholic beverages; one may also serve non alcoholic or virgin drinks. Martinis and Daiquiris are the favorites in casino parties. The overall presentation is also very important. Always serve Martinis in Martini glasses. However, if you have limited budget you can opt for plastic glasses.

Now comes the most important part – the delicacies. A good party is incomplete without good food. It should be kept in mind that the foods prepared must be in conformity with the party theme. Along with the wine and martinis one can serve the finger foods and appetizers. Keep the food light and simple as the guests will be busy playing and traveling frequently from one table to another. Depending on the budget one can arrange for glasses or plastic dishes. Delicacies that are perfect for casino parties are chicken fingers, shrimp cocktail, Chinese crispy duck, marinated turkey nibbles, fillet Salvatore, satay chicken, cocktail samosas, terrine with smoked salmon and crabs, sushi rolls and cocktail club sandwiches.

Last but not the least, in order to create a big impressive casino party one also has to take great care of the nitty-gritty’s of the party, such as ample supply to napkins, toothpicks and not to forget plenty of water.


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