After today its its not bouftout anymore its crevtout its a really cool .io game here take this bullet oh i can upgrade were gonna take the machinegun oh we need a fast reload for the machinegun here we go, steal all! come on, penetration, damage! hey! dont kill my friend!

come on, gotchaaaa! gotcha! i took 2 levels bullet, speed and damge come on! wow what do you want you want to die? panick!

come on panick! ahahaha i dont know if i killed you but- *dramatic music* what are you doing? what are you doing? you want to die right? you wanna die right now?

you wanna die right now?!?! YOU WANNA DIE RIGHT NOW? WOOOOW!

PFFFFF! and you too! PFFF! come on, i wanna be a gunner a gunner! oh shit!

i took 6 levels in less time! more health a little bit health but more reload movement speed and penetration come on! a storm is coming on youuuu!

come here friend, im not gonna shoot you… im joking, im joking! IM JOKING! no!

bam! destroy the bullets wow! your gonna take all of m bullets in your head! in your heeeead!

oh oh oh! oh oh oh oh! come on come on! come on little buleeeeets! *thug music* i kill everyone, i kill everyone we kill everything! come on buddy, you respawn and you die!

hehehehehe what does he wants? what does he wants? what you want, you want to die again? one time wasnt enough? you wanna die again against the force of my bullets?

oh! oh! oh! penetration buddy we penetrate all ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) come on were leveling up were leveling u- BOUUM! bouuuum!

oh crevtout is in the top! crevtout is in the top! he wants to die again come on!

oh a storm is coming on you hell yeah! hell yeah little buddy OHHHHH! *sad music* OH I DIDNT SEE HIM 🙁 its impossib-oh he has no life! no!

hes mine! im following him since an hour hes mine! hes mine!

*with the lol voice* double kill! OH! double kill! double kill! first time i see this come on im leveling like a pig now, come on, come on, come on! come on buddy!

oh hey sniper, assasin right away! bim come on, but its super hard to level up in assasin maybe we need to kill, to exp in assasin… what is it? NOOOOOOOO! OMG! oooooh!

fuck! i clicked on a page! nooooooooo! nooo!

alright, crevtout is coming back to life! to life! alright, reload, i wanna quickly level up whatchu want? whatchu want?

whatchu waaaant? baaaam! baaaaaam! level 14!!!!! come on!

sniper, im sniping ok? alright, take this sniper bullet! bouuuum! come on!!!

come on biiim! sniper bullet buddy! come on! *sniper noise* ouuuuuh!

assasin! assasin buddy! *sniper noise* baaam!

assasin! *sniper noise* gotcha!!!! i didnt even aim you its coincidence that does things right! oh your hurt uh!?

*sniper noise* huh your hurt? movement speed now cuz i need to speed a litlle bit now no! noooooooo! im done alright… im done… alright its already th end of the video hope you liked it, if you did dont forget to like we see ourselves in a future video, bye everyone *outro music*