Today I’ll be zooming in on some online casino fine print. Something we can all benefit from. Cuz let’s be honest here: no one actually reads terms and conditions, right? That’s why I’m giving you these tips on how to make the most of your online casino experience! So. Take. Them.

Tip #1: Actually Read your Casino’s “Wagering Requirements.” As you’ve probably noticed, online casinos give away truckloads of freebies. From welcome and no-deposit bonuses to match deposit and reload bonuses, it’s raining mad dollars up in here. But while the bonus party can be awesome, you should know what the entrance fee is. That means reading the “Wagering Requirements and Conditions” section of your casino’s Terms and Conditions.

Let’s say you get a $200 no-deposit bonus. You deposit $20 of it to start playing, and BAM. You win $3,000 on that first try like a CHAMPION. Only, you can’t actually withdraw that money yet. Because – and this is standard – your casino’s wagering requirement is that you have to bet that same $20 (and sometimes the entire $200) a minimum number of times before you can claim your winnings. And that minimum can be ridiculously high – like up to 60 times, high. Bogus, eh? So before you RSVP yes to the bonus party, check your casino’s wagering requirements! Or better yet, check them before you even sign up for a casino.

Another wagering condition could restrict your bonus wagers to games that run entirely on chance – like slot machines. And another could count only a mere percentage of your winnings from games that require skill, like Blackjack, toward the casino’s wagering requirement. More bogusness, I know. So basically, you get free money in exchange for your commitment to the casino. And only the fine print tells you what that commitment entails. Opt in if you think you can beat the odds and come out of the wagering requirement on top It’s a gamble but, in the end, isn’t that why we’re here?

Tip #2: “Show me the Money!!” Before creating your account with an online casino, make sure they support your preferred payment method and currency. Casinos don’t necessarily accept the same payment methods for deposits as they do for withdrawals. Check Online Casinos Canada to find out which casinos offer the best banking options for you. And if a casino is featured on our site, it means they accept CAD. Sick, yo!

Tip #3: As evidenced by Casinoslots, you ought to check that it’s legal in your area to play Cuz if it’s not, you may not be able to withdraw your winnings!

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