Hello youtube. I would like spoke to me today to my profit, accumulator review, for those of you that don’t know profit accumulator is basically website developed, which helps you to make an extra income from home match. Betting, much pain is basically where you sign up to the bookies, and you face the sign up to get their free, signup officer, for example, on coral, you sign up to get a free, 25 pound bet. You then place a bet, and you extract as much of 325 pounds as you possibly can and profit humiliating is sort of develop 21. Show you how to do that exactly where fair, with video guides at the trade show you step by step and actually, as a free member of of profit, he makes you can actually go through and sign up for coral and is a little step.

Video and also step-by-step video on how to get a free 30 pounds from from Betfair so yeah. This is my my review and I’m currently a member here. Profit you later have only been apart, played in eight days now, so I thought about time that actually created a review and an auction and a place in the best they want to do. Is it going to take you through a few of my accounts?

You can see the top of the screen here, just to show you sort of money that i’ve i’ve kind of filmmaking just within the first 48 days of having having been a member of profit he later the first, so I’m just going ahead of its Betfair betfair Is a betting exchange where you’re able to lay all your bets, so at this stage I’m sure the these terms may not really mean much to you, but again by signing up as a free member of profit, you make sure everything is explained. It full details. Greeting cards, as well as video guides, to show you know exactly what you doing before before you place any of these bets reminder with much bang. This is no way that you can lose money.

You can only make money because effectively all you’re doing is replacing a better one side of the bookies to save if, for example, a team win and, on the other side, through a bad exchange here at Betfair, you placing a bet to say well, I got ta. Go to win lose or draw so the three outcomes of the game lose winchell. You covered on any any angle, so you either gon na make money at your bookie. If you give me the money, they are you gon na make money.

You bet your YouTube and Exchange, so literally, this is just no way no way of taking of making a loss, so I’m Betfair account of an ego 17 pounds in my main main account at the moment, and the reason for this is because I’m currently waiting for Money to be transferred from some of these cookies here, its main bank account for why I don’t own place another bit of money in tibet share. The first commissioner, show you my past. Debts are not running at the moment. Nothing incorrect, but prospects soft place to place. Quite a few now yeah – I guess that’s the best I have a place in the last seven days is more than that yeah. We asked whether they’re so there’s there’s the best placed, as you can see, on.

Some of them have one small books, while many others have lost what seems to be quite a lot of money. I said before there is no way of losing. So what it means here is when they are, you see, I’m I’ve lost 40 pounds 75. Here on this match, well to be fair, I’ve won more money over at the book is so so, although we see in a loss here, Betfair of actually made money elsewhere more money than I lost so I’ll go through these bets online. Show you exactly what I mean so, for example, here’s carole have already signed in gon na show you my account history and what it showed me here is basically placed a five pound debt and now remember my 5 p.m. But here’s my qualifier how to place five pounds in order to qualify for twenty pounds, see the free bet.

So I place five pounds down coral and this bet 119 pounds cycle, but over at my pet, fair strange, you can see that the same game here was played and I actually lost the bet here, making a lot of 1475. Sorry, although of 119 pounds of actually lost 1475, obviously after placing five pounds as well, here I made a very small loss, but that’s ok, better qualified bed – and this is this – the way it works. When you have a fine but you’re always going to make a very, very small amount of loss, but I never matters because, obviously are you doing with the qualifying bet is qualified to extract the free free sign-up offer so yeah but lost the latter case. I would have made small a small loss there. You know a few pensive anything but, as you can see the bottom, this race for real estate and me fifteen pounds 38 over a coral reefs are placed at their place down twenty pounds of free money for him to win. But he didn’t win because you don’t win.

I lost that bet, however, because I place over a bit fair to say: well, I don’t think they will. He have laid the bet on him to win, so that means he’s going to lose 15 pounds. 38 /. 15, pounds 38 is completely risk-free money because it was placed over a free, 20 pounds so out of twenty pounds, iron for free from coral and made 15 pounds 38. Now, if you can imagine how many cookies are out there that are actually doing these sign up office, this hundreds of them and if you can go ahead and make fifteen pounds so time for source five to 10 minutes work even more. In some circumstances, will you see how profit humate again soon start to start to be believable in the term of the guy here saying that he makes two thousand pounds every month for myspace?

So that was just my current account and a few here. So I have done the same with William Hill: just need to know how that money in there it’s so easy to lose track with the money that you bring it in, because it’s placing bets left right center. But if show you my window open before going back to my history with him, he’ll show you my cell bets for seven days, monthly turnover at least 20 mins yeah. That’S right! Ok!

So so yeah pretty much the same sort of lost over here and which would have been a qualifying bet, but I find this game to be durable as finding Mr Bedford Exchange account up. I would have won it. Yes, I have won the bet here. So even have lost it over William Hill have one – and this is what I’m saying are.

You cannot lose in and either either way shape or form you gon na win somewhere it’ll be the bookies was going to beat you better change. So there’s no way you can lose money, but then it goes on to show that over here I’ve made a bet 10 pounds on this race, yet better pounds on a horse race. I made 26 pounds 67, which is obviously a profit straight from the off again.

I would have lost expect here for over a best of luck for the spirit of Newmarket Newmarket rating of what it here so yeah there’s just no way to loose carrying on, and I think this will solve that way and again because it’s just so the same Thing completing sign up office and extracting money from the bookies look at my my bets. Michelle gets here place fifty pounds for a qualifying bet in order to gain a 350 pounds back from this. This is so one of the highest tree, but so far the bet was settled on one hundred into pounds off my own money, but here I would have, I would have lost the bet so against just a qualified to him losing losing a few pence really in Order to qualify for how to to gain a free 50 pounds and i’ve been going on to bet on the Netherlands game without 350 pounds and from 350 pounds over 275 pounds. Now that isn’t all profit 275 pounds because obviously had to lay that over a bit.

First, obviously, there’ll be some sort of liability to that, but basically from that bet I may 25 pounds so again for five to ten minutes work. I have made 25 pounds, which is much more than I am I in my day. Job show more proof is another account of mine coach, Paul. Look at my my bed, history and I’ll.

Just show you all the bets from against the kid in history. Here you see I’ve placed 25 pounds on the tennis now placed based that may have taken place. Federer yet they said Federer to win and he didn’t so.

I lost the bet here, but if I go to bed fair place today, Federer to lose and he did and therefore I made 25 pounds so basically I have not lost any of my money there. As I placed 25 pounds of my own money over a coach Paul 25 pounds and have actually made 36 P, so that was my qualifying event in those who qualify. I qualify to get 325 pounds and then placed on this game and a place on this team to win and they did not return 256 pounds 2500 Red Dead share. I would have lost that game is natural, but I’ve seen making a profit there around those at 16:25 about 450 1515 found something over fifteen pounds 60 or something so again. Its sister is pure profit and the whole reason a profit. You may do so good to be a member is because they can still provide you with reload officers charged Eric football accumulated.

You get talk, talk about any senior officer going on Syria, like roulette tables or spin machines. You get access to the Facebook group, so you can this constant members in there talking about their winnings their office, things that they signed up for you. You know you never missing out on on this or, what’s current and what’s not, you obviously get access to the automation software which followed up on my screen now, basically is facility which shows you, where you place your bets, so, for example, this one here is saying That, if you, the bookmaker, if you bet through book right on this horse race, the current extra money potential is quite high. So, for example, of fossil load up their calculator again. Another feature built from profiting later and show you what the type of money can make from this just say, for example, that you had a free, fifty-pound bet on a phone, a bookmaker you, the ADI, lay odds were 16.

The calculator now tell you how much money can make that. So if, if that was the case – and I was out playing with Sri sum of fifty pounds – be most likely – winner was 53 pounds – 6153 pounds $ 55 placed a bet with a 350 pound right now. What more to say to raise tuition is no way of its no way of losing.

Basically, so I can’t really go onto now show the office in this because it wouldn’t it wouldn’t be fair to sort of the other members here there are obtained for profit. You later the basic by clicking on these able to give you a list on the screen, telling you so easy to make advancements to make humiliated horse racing. Like said earlier, the casinos and each one of these sections under the office list will also show you how to make that how to place the debt sir, if it’s, if it’s a bet that you haven’t placed before you, explain it and then probably be a video Card on it, as well so far as I football accumulators before you place any bets, you look at the football he makes video by Sam. He shows you exactly what you need to do and in office from their own. You can go on your own beds, so yeah this dusty and that’s the review really for-profit.

He later I mean, if you have any doubts about it whatsoever. I encourage you to definitely to sign up for the free membership to click on a link below in the description here on this video sign up as a free member, you don’t need any credit card details or anything like that to sign up for free. It’S no soft money that needs to be handed in to the website, so it’s it’s completely completely free and from that free sign up, like I said at the beginning of the video you’ll get to offers, you get a link on how to actually place these bets And then, yes, the only the only thing you can get from signing up for free is his money. You can only make money, this there’s no doubt about it. There’S no way you can lose money, you will only make money and it was with that.

First initial bit of money that I i made from those free signup offers that I actually paid for my first month’s membership for profit. He later and it’s gone on since yeah I’ve made have made about a hundred and fifty pounds removing the moving of the loss of made. It was not lost, but there are paid for profit him later. So you know we’re talking over a hundred pounds for very little work, which is much more than I make my day job so yeah encouraging sign up free sign up for the office, and you know why not. Let me know how much money you make from textfree sign of us in the comments below have been really should see how much people are making and then yeah it’d be great to see you guys over and the Facebook forum for Prime members, because I can say It’S it’s. It’S really easy money to be made, and it’s very simple to do so as well.

So yeah I’ve enjoyed this video, please you have any comments or any questions you like to know about perfect you later about much pain, please feel free to inbox man. Obviously, get contact with you,