My Hero One’s Justice. Hell yes! – (FBE) My Hero One’s Justice is a battle action game where quirks collide as you fight each other in order to prove which one of you is the better hero.

– This is gonna be interesting then. – (FBE) Since you’re both super fans of My Hero Academia, we’ve brought you in to face off in a My Hero One’s Justice super fan tournament. – I’m really excited. – I just wanna do Deku proud. – I just wanna beat him. – If I can just use one finger to [bleep] you up with Deku, that’s tight.

– Not while I’m All Might. – I wanna see the character selection. I wanna see the roster. I wanna see the worlds.

I just want to be Deku for a day, so I’m very excited. – All Might. – I’m gonna go with Shoto. It just feels right to put Deku there too.

Main character, plus they’re good homies and you know what? Just to mix it up, let’s throw Bakugo. I don’t think we should go on ring-out because I hear that as soon as you get knocked out of the ring, fight’s over. – This ain’t Smash Bros. – Exactly, exactly. – Fight to the death. – Look at what a badass.

Look at him. – Yeah, yeah, but All Might though. Go! You can’t stop this.

You can’t stop the Detroit smash. Calling my sidekick. – Whoa, nice. – Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh.

Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. – Ooh, get some of that heat, All Might. Let’s get these dubs, baby. – You got me in the wall.

– I got you on the wall. – What the heck? He’s wrecking you. – Oh my God, that’s tight. I can fight on the walls? Oh [bleep], oh [bleep], oh [bleep].

– Ah, what? – Yes! – Okay, okay, what? – I need a little help. Done for you. – Oh my God.

This is not accurate to the anime. Since when did Todoroki beat All Might? – Todoroki’s been a beast always, okay? Did you watch that arc? The tournament arc is so good.

– Okay. It’s serious now. You know? Yeah, get some of that. – Got me on that one.

– Yes. – Damn it. – I wonder if you’ll interrupt me. – Nope. – Yes, I got you.

– No! No. Ah, boy. – Teachers gotta teach, bro. Teachers gotta teach. – Okay, tied up.

– You think you’re all special, ’cause you’re half and half, but nothing’s gonna defeat the power of All Might’s fist to your face. I mean, that’s just how it be. Just comboing my way into the air letting Todoroki know that his dad ain’t crap. I’m still number one.

– No, no! – Block, block. – Let’s get him, baby.

Let’s get him, baby. Let’s get him, baby! Ah, no!

All Might’s OP. – All Might’s not OP. – All Might is OP. – All Might is number one, dude. – Fire and ice is my move, dude. – I’m gonna stick with Dabi being a cool guy.

– And then I’m just gonna go random for my two. – I’ll have All Might and then I’ll have the other strongest guy. Oh, there we go. – It’s time to get started. Ooh, okay. Oh, okay.

I don’t know what– oh, okay. One hit. What just happened? – I just had everyone tackle you. Oh no, okay, okay. No, no, no.

No! – Let’s get it! Let’s go! – No, stay back. Stay back.

– Oh, I don’t keep my health from the last one? That’s BS. – Take that and then… – Okay. So can I block that? Oh.

– Oh, I have to use it close. – I hate you so much. – Just take it. Oh my God, you suck.

No, don’t you dare. If you get a comeback… No! – Oh, wait. – You better stay the hell back. Stay the hell back. – Oh, wait a second.

Wait a second, wait a second. I might come back. Oh, I did it again. – Don’t you dare! Don’t you dare! Are you kidding me?

Are you kidding me? Are you kidding me? – My heart is pumping right now. Whoo. – I’m gonna go for Toga because she’s so happy and she has a knife. – I’m gonna go with Todoroki because he’s my bae.

Oh, I love– – I love the art style. – Yeah, exactly. Animation of the different stuff you can do. Oh my God, you started so fast.

– I love this. – No. Oh shoot. You’re doing well, though. Yes.

– Yeah, but that fire though. I gotta stay away. Oh my golly gosh. – Oh, cool, you got her. You got her thing in me. Oh, you’re gonna be me now?

Get him, get him, get him. I don’t know what’s happening. – Are we on the ceiling?

– Oh. – Did I– – I think I got it. Oh, with a sliver of health. – Were we on the side of the room? – We’re right next to each other. Run!

Oh, there’s a– That was just awesome. I don’t even care. – Get her, get her. Get her, girl.

Yeah. – Dead, dead. – I want Todoroki because fire and ice is sweet. – Todoroki’s built to take down All Might. – Yeah, he was literally bred to do so.

– Okay, okay, okay, okay. – Ah, hello. – Okay, I love how our sidekicks are there and they just peace out on us. – Yeah, where did they go? – Okay, that’s fire.

That’s fire. Oh man, I’m totally ruining you. I froze you. – I don’t think so.

– I don’t know how I froze you, but I did. – Get him, Deku, get him! Where’d he go? Was that my Deku or your Deku? – Oh, oh, oh.

Three hits, six hits. – I think I’m winning, but I don’t know how. – It said I’m cool. – No, you’re not chilling.

♪ I’m more than a flame ♪ – I’m asking you nicely to stop what you’re doing. Dang it. It was so close.

– I didn’t deserve that. I’m gonna be honest with you. – You absolutely didn’t. – Oh God, there’s another one. – Wait, we do it again.

And we just ran in a circle around each other. – Why are you running? Get him, get him, get him. – Is that your sidekick? – Yeah. – Where’s mine?

– Haha. Keep jumping. – You’re so far away.

No, I don’t even know how to jump properly. – I wasn’t talking to you. – Yeah, but if you’re doing it, I should be doing it. – That’s never the rule in video games.

– I think that’s how this works. – No, no, no, no, no. Get her. – That ice slide is freaking dope. – Don’t start hitting me yet. They haven’t even put the– – Yah.

– I just ran in a circle. No. – Oh, he has a tornado.

No, no, no, no, no. I don’t wanna be barbecue. – The game said I’m clever. – When did we get on the wall? – I don’t know, but I’m into it.

– Oh, it’s so close. – To be fair, I’m like a quarter of your size. I feel like that should be a relevant piece of this.

No. – To be fair, my hair was cooler too. – All right, let’s go with All might, since he’s the best character in the game obviously. – I mean, I’m against Superman basically, so we’ll see how this goes.

– I’m going with Todoroki, one, because I played him last time and also he’s my favorite character. – All right, here we go. He’s going after me.

– I haven’t landed a shot yet. – Oh, I got him in the wall. – Oh my– – Die, All Might, die!

– I always go easy on the students in the beginning, but when they get cocky, you gotta show them that– No, no, no, no. It’s okay. I’ll give the first round to the students. – Run.

– Come back here. – I thought I was blocking. – You were blocking. – What the heck? He’s doing really well. I’m scared.

– Thank you, man. – Yeah. That’s stupid!

The damage is ridiculous. – Oh no, oh no. – I got up there. – I was getting pretty close at the end there. Detroit smash!

– He’s running after me! – I gotta start screaming in Japanese. – Oh no. – Yes, yes. – That’s not fair.

Don’t do it, don’t do it. Yeah, good job. – You had me on the ropes there, Danny. That Detroit smash, that All For One power.

You just can’t beat it. – I’ma stay with this. Oh, you went with All Might? – Hold on. I’m gonna stay with All Might, ’cause All Might beat Todoroki in my last match. – All right, let’s go.

– Yeah. – I’m trying to run away. – Get out of the way. No, no, no, no. Hold on a second. I’ve never seen this before.

What did he do? What did he do? – I didn’t know I could do that already. Okay. – Honestly, even after all that, you’re not winning by that much.

– Yeah, honestly. – Oh, look who figured out super moves. I’m gonna miss, aren’t I?

– You missed? – You gotta be kidding me. How did that hurt me more than you? Ah, get him. – Come on, come on, come on.

Oh come on, wait, wait. – Get him, get him, get him. – Wait, wait, wait. – Close it out, buddy! Get him!

Come on! – Yes! – Oh God, I forgot it just starts.

Crap, why would you do that? – Come on, come on, come on, come on. – How do I block? – Come on. What? – That’s how you block!

That’s how you block! Oh God, not All Might. Not All Might. – Oh, [bleep].

Did I hit you? I might have hit you though. I think I might have hit you.

[Bleep] me in the ass. – Plus ultra! Right, one to one, baby. I am so focused. How do I keep losing health?

I don’t know what’s happening in the game. – Why do you keep turning red? What the [bleep]? – It’s called power. Crap, crap.

Oh, this is way too close. I hate this. – What? – I like that, though. – I blocked that.

– I don’t think you did. – I call bull [bleep] on that. – Come here, come here. Oh God. Hit him, hit him, hit him. – Come on, come on, come on.

We got him, we got him, we got him. Yes. – What, no. – What? What? – No, no, no.

I can’t lose like this. Absolutely not. Absolutely not! Get him! – [Bleep]. – I win.

– [Bleep] this. – I’m way more invested in this than I should be. Have you ever won a tournament here?

– Yes, a long time ago. It was Mortal Kombat. – I won two Injustices.

We’re the fighting champions. – I am gonna choose All Might. – Oh, wait a second. – He’s the guy who got me here and also ’cause he’s the best. Do you choose All Might?

– I’ve been choosing All Might the entire game. Oh, I’m a zebra. That’s nice. – Okay, yeah.

So who’s gonna win? The clone or the original? All Might! – Let’s do this! – Let’s go! – We have the exact same strategy.

Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. Wait a second, you know how to block. – I know how to block. – I don’t know how to block. – No.

– No, no, screw off. Seriously, how are you dodging? – Yes. – We shouldn’t have been the same people.

I don’t know what’s happening. – You’re the zebra! – But we have the same sidekicks. Oh God. Oh goodness. Get ready.

– Wait, let me put on my headphones. Wait, hey! – Hold on, this is not– – Oh my God. – You’re playing a game, man. Okay, go, go, go.

Hold on, okay. Wait a second. – How do you like it? – I was hitting you.

Hold on, wait a second. Just wait for this. No, come on! I was hitting him!

That’s such bull crap. A hundred and what? – No one clones me.

No one’s me except me. – 300 hits? I got 30 hits. – Thank you very much. – Something’s wrong with the math.

I’m not even on the continent. Gotta go. – Oh crap.

– Hello. – Damn it, you got me. – What the heck? How did he get 300? – Get on the ground. – Get away.

Deku, save me. Oh, come on. Okay, this is my comeback story. This is my Lifetime movie.

This isn’t my Lifetime movie. – This is your Lifetime movie where you die at the end. This is for all the All Might fans around the world, the real ones and not the zebra ones, if you know what I mean. – That was a lot of fun. That was one of the most fun I’ve had playing fighting games.

– I was definitely on the fence of whether I was gonna get it. Now I think I’m actually gonna pick it up. It’s pretty dope. – I had so much fun playing it. Even though I lost, the game was awesome and I’m really excited I got to try it and now I probably will be playing it for the next three weeks straight. – Thanks for watching us play My Hero One’s Justice on the React Channel.

– Subscribe for plus ultra. – Later, guys. Gotta get back to my hero duties. – Hello everybody, it’s Niomi, junior producer here on the React Channel.

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