We will counsel you on your unspeakable concerns. National Competition on Worries! Today’s guests are stirring Korea up these days. Wanna One’s Daniel, Jihoon and Minhyun. (Saved saved) By the way, the production staff told us it was a special week.

They received too many concerns last week. There is no particular reason for that. So they picked out a good concern and told them to come out next week or the week after. But no! The guest said it had to be this week.

(We got you) Why does it have to be this week? I think it’s because of Wanna One. They want to meet Wanna One members. Daniel is actually a macho Busan man. He looked attractive speaking in a Busan dialect.

Can you give us a taste? She’s the only woman among us. I’m the woman.

She’s a sister who’s older than your mother. (Nice catch) (#Dongyeob #So funny #Our type) They may think it’s real. How old is your mom? She was born in 1967. We are the same age!

(NEWS / Daniel’s mom and Yeongja are the same age!) She’s still an older sister to you. You have great eyes. Why do you look more beautiful in person?

(Ahhhh!) So this is what CPR is. My heart is beating again. Since the members of Wanna One are here…

I’m sure everyone here is waiting for it. Please perform for us. (This is Wanna One’s concert hall) (Repaying for being deeply moved earlier) Music please. (Gulp) (“Energetic” by Wanna One) (Full of energy!) (Sweet!) (Overpowering gaze) Indeed.

(Your heart may stop beating) (We’re the energetic Wanna One!) (“Pick me” by Wanna One) (Is this for real?) (Everyone becomes one with “Pick me”) (Tonight’s stars are all of you!)

That was great. That was good. There are 11 members. Each member has his own special talent.

But when it comes to acting cute… Jihoon, may we see how cute you can be? His eyes are really pretty. Your eyelashes are very long.

Thank you. All of you here are saved in my heart. (Saved! / Kku kku kka kka!) Saved.

It must be tough. He’s only done it once on our program. But he’s probably asked to do it everywhere he goes.

(Agrees) Have you done it like 10,000 times? – How many times? / – How many times? I think exactly 3,500 times. That must be tough.

He probably appears on many programs a day and does this and then smokes when he’s back home. (#Wanna One’s home #Relaxed #Jihoon’s tired) Because it’s tough to act cute all day. They probably fight at home and then act cute on television.

(You’ve never been on a program like this, right?) That was tough, right? We have three concerns on our plate today. Let’s take a look. Here are the three concerns. “Please quit now.”

“I want to cry.” “A woman with her head down.” “Please quit now.” (Focused) Hello. I’m a man in his 30s from Suwon. I don’t know if you can resolve this concern for us, but I’m sending it in to get help.

My father who turned 60 this year is addicted to gambling. This is a first. Every Sunday he goes to a theme park in Gangwon-do. He’s been doing that for 15 years now.

He’s been doing it for a long time. He gambles all night and comes home with tired eyes and a haggard face. Dad! How much longer are you going to do this? Can’t you please stop?

Hey! Why do you care? This is my hobby! Mind your own business! He loses $2,000 every time. How is that a hobby?

Imagine how terrible my mom feels. “Please stop. How much more do I have to put up this?”

“I’m spending my own money. Come on. Mind your own business! I’m going to go until the day I die!” He’s addicted, right? Please get him out of this mess.

This is the concern that he sent us. Our first concern is quite a serious one. It’s quite serious. Our guests always said, “At least I don’t drink, smoke nor gamble.” That was the going excuse.

(We have a real gambler here this time!) Jihoon. Has your dad been addicted to anything? He got his hands on cigarettes for a brief moment in the past.

(What?) (How cute!) – Briefly? / – Yes, very briefly.

How dare he puts his hands on cigarettes! No way! He smoked for a year.

How did you feel? I told him in a very serious tone, “Smoking isn’t good for you. It’s time for you to quit.” While you smoked with him? No, no.

Right the next day… – He quit? / – Yes, he did. It’s upsetting for son to see a father smoking. Let alone, to have a gambling dad? Let’s bring him out.

Please come out. (Who wants his father to quit gambling?) (Kim Manjung) (Welcome!) That casino is legal for Koreans to enter. So it’s not illegal, right?

It’s not illegal, but he’s gone too far. That’s why I’m here. He goes every Sunday. He doesn’t just gamble for several hours. He gambles for over 12 hours. Sometimes for 15 hours.

He only drinks beverages and skips meals. The casino closes at 6 a.m. Then he races home. He drives there?

He could be dozing off behind the wheel or he speeds. He gets home in 2 hours. (In just 2 hours from Jeongseon to Suwon!) That means he drives 170-180 km/hr.

He drives with anger because he lost money. (Please, dad…) If he loses $2,000 each time that means he lost $8,000 every month. For how many years? It’s been 15 years now.

He didn’t lose that much in the beginning. But within the last 4-5 years he’s been losing $1,000-2,000 each time. How much has he lost so far? He must’ve lost a lot of money.

You must’ve calculated it. If I add up the money he lost since the beginning I’d say about the price of an apartment building. Sure. If he went every week.

That’s close to $1 million. He must be rich. Where does he get the money? You said it’s the money he earned. He’s owned a supermarket for over 30 years now. He’s owned a karaoke room for 10 years.

He asks mom for money each week. So your mother controls the money that they’ve saved up for the past 30 years and he asks her for money when he goes. Other family members must be concerned, too.

Yes. I’m married and we live with my parents. For my wife, she feels uncomfortable when my parents argue.

That’s why I feel bad. Do they always argue? They get along well most of the time, but they argue whenever he asks her for money.

Let’s meet his father first. Hello, sir. – Hello.

/ – Hello. How do you feel? I never thought this was a serious concern.

2 weeks ago, my son told me, “Are you going to the casino again?” So I told him yes. “Dad. You really must appear on ‘Ask anything.'” (What?) “Ask anything.”

I will ask you anything, sir. This is called “Hello Counselor.” He said that I should go on “Hello Counselor.” We do ask many questions on this program.

You mistook our program for another one. I thought he was kidding. Then the scriptwriter called me and I was forced to come here today. In your son’s point of view you don’t think it’s a concern? No, not at all.

My son exaggerated a bit. I’ve been going often for 4-5 years now. I go more often now.

That’s why it’s a concern. I’ve won money sometimes. But generally it’s a loss, right? Yes, 90% of the time, I’ve lost money. (It’s 900% concerning) I don’t lose other people’s money. I’m just spending my own money.

You could’ve spent that money for something else. Why does it have to be for gambling? When I’m at the casino it’s me against the machines. When I hit the jackpot, the lights start flashing like fireworks. That’s what excites me. – That’s how you relieve stress, right?

/ – Right. You said you lose money most of the time. Does it still relieve stress even then? At first, it does break my heart.

My wife keeps nagging at me, too. Does she goe with you? She’s my guardian. I think she goes to stop you from losing more money.

She’s afraid I might cause trouble. She’s more like a supervisor than a guardian. That’s true. She doesn’t gamble with you, does she? She doesn’t gamble at all. I think this is the biggest concern for her.

She goes with you and you spend the money that you’ve earned together. I’m sure she does get stressed out a little. You’re doing this… You’re doing this even though you know that?

This is a hobby to you, right? Right. I’ve spent so many years working only so I never got to enjoy my life. I’ve decided to have a hobby of my own.

Is it okay for her to spend $8,000 on her hobby? There’s nothing for her to spend that much on. That doesn’t mean she can’t spend it.

She’s being frugal. Why would a woman need that much money? (Oh my goodness!) You shouldn’t say such a thing.