People visiting Paris often get confused as to where they should stay. For adventurous tourists who do not mind indulging in gambling sports and earning quick money, it is recommended that they should book their reservation in the sports-picks hotels that can be found in every hook and corner of the city. These casino hotels are extremely affordable and they provide their guests with all forms of luxurious facilities. The main aim of these hotels is to extend the stay of their guests and it is for this reason their hotel services are considered to be one of the best among the world. Here is guide to the best casino hotels in the most romantic destination of the world Paris.

Paris has eight grand casino hotels. According to a data, there are a total number of ninety table games in these eight casino hotels. All these casino hotels have legal gambling facilities. The biggest and the most pompous casino in the town is the Cercle Haussmann. It has seventeen table games, nine poker games and the biggest advantage of this hotel is that it is situated very near the airport. The popular gambling games in the hotel are poker, backgammon tournaments, stud poker, chemin de fer and bangue a tout ya. It also has a bar and a restaurant.

The second biggest casino in the city is the Aviation club de France. This casino hotel was set up by a group of aviators in 1907. This casino hotel has been popular ever since then. Terms such as sophistication, grandeur and elegance can be associated with this casino hotel. The most common games played here are baccarat, backgammon, poker, pok’21, stud poker and rami. There is 24/7 availability of drinks. This casino hotel is renowned for the excellent hotel service of their guests.

Whenever in Paris, one should definitely try to accommodate at least a night stay in one of these casino hotels.


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