We are gonna go on a boat tour, we’re gon na ride bikes in Tuscany. We’Re gon na try wine we’re gon na make pizza we’re gon na eat. Gelato it’s time to go right: >, >, ASHA, Let’s go RYAN! First of all, riding a Segway cruising through Florence was so much fun as you cruise.

Through these little alleyways, you see all the markets, people selling stuff the vendors. It is absolutely a beautiful little town. > > ASHA, Everyone comes to Florence to see the Duomo there’s actually two domes, there’s the outside red one, then there’s the inside one. That’S all painted and beautiful, > > RYAN.

Look at that behind me is that the Leaning Tower of Pisa. Yes, it is 296 steps to the top. Let’S go Here. I am on top of the Leaning Tower of Pisa.

It is definitely one of the wonders of the world > > ASHA, Being able to ride our bikes through the hills is just absolutely beautiful. It’S such a great way to experience the outdoors and just being in the area. I’Ve definitely worked up an appetite riding those hills and the food here has been delicious.

It’S all been so good Salute, >, >, RYAN. The best thing about eating lunch here with these views is that this food is produced right here. This wine is produced steps from this table and it tastes so good, >, >, ASHA Learning how to make pizza was one of the most fun things to do. The chefs were really fun tons of energy.

The people in the class were great. The pizza tasted so delicious > > RYAN. So this is the Uffizi area and let me tell you it is amazing, as I walk now through this corridor, it’s kind of like how the duke used to do it.

He would go from his private palace to the political palace and every now and then he’d stop at these windows and check out his kingdom. This is one of those stereotypical European moments. You dream of we’re here on a river small boat. The sun is setting all the houses are lit up with golden light Florence.

It does not get any better than this Wow. I had no idea this city was so beautiful, >, >, ASHA Yeah, I loved being able to learn a little bit about the history and all the famous artists that lived here and also, of course, learning how to make pizza and eating some of the worlds best. Gelato > > RYAN. This place is just endless beauty, > > ASHA, And we will definitely be back