There’s a popular saying that, “the highest happiness on earth is marriage” – and to make this day special, couples are ready go to any possible extent. Many couples have dared to come out of the old conventional church weddings to try something different. For these adventurous couples casino wedding themes are a craze.

Glitzy, glamorous, wild and definitely oodles of fun are some of the quintessential characteristics that can be associated with blackjack wedding themes. Gamblers who are deeply in love with the casinos also prefer to have a casino feel in their wedding. Here are some essential tips on how to arrange for a successful and happening casino wedding.

Firstly, both the bride and the groom should be dressed exactly in casino style. To be specific, for the bride the elaborate wedding gown is a big no no! She should wear cocktail party dress with matching accessories. The groom should opt for a smart tuxedo.

Secondly, instead of the normal dining tables, go for blackjack tables and roulette wheels. And do not forget to arrange for cards games, bingos and chips. To add icing on the cake, make arrangements for fake money. Candy slot machines too will become a hit among the wedding guests.

Thirdly, loud music and dancing girls are an integral part of every casino. The wedding too should not miss out on these. One can also arrange for magic shows.

Fourthly, there should be abundant supply of drinks. For more fun and excitement, hire casino waitress who will serve the drinks.

Fifthly, wedding is incomplete without food. Prepare delicacies that are normally served in the casinos. One can also serve chocolates to the guests which are in the shape of chips and dice, beautifully covered in wrappers having card prints. This will surely be one of the hot favorites of the guests.

With all these ingredients sprinkled with love, the casino wedding theme will definitely be a moment to cherish forever.


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