Sandy beaches and ski resorts are a passé, Bulgaria is now heading towards a new tourist attracting venture. And that is gambling. There were few gaming centers in Bulgaria which are of international standard, but Bulgaria has never been famous for its gambling.

Sofia, the capital of Bulgaria has some well known gambling centers that offer great luxury and pleasure to its tourist. Gaming industry in Bulgaria is relatively new. Previously there were no regulations and guidelines for gaming in the country. Taking this advantage, few outdated AWPs and slot machines were introduced in the market, but the growth rate of this industry has been very inconsistent. The main reason for a slow market was mainly due to the low payouts given to the customers. However, few local gaming operators took initiative to and in 1993 through a government decree gambling was legalized. Licenses were given to few blackjack, bingo halls, government lotto and government lottery. Gradually gambling became popular in coffee shops, arcades and gaming locales. Sporadic illegal gaming activities also started to take its root. Government then realized the necessity to make stringent laws to curb the anti social activities.


Gaming Law came into force by the year end of 1998. Few changes were made in the definition and guidelines of gambling. To get license documents and necessary applications were to be submitted to the government. In this way, gambling in Bulgaria gradually gained prominence.

One of the posh gambling destinations is the Viva Casino Sofia. It is a 2381 square foot building, where gambling games of all kinds are available. There are as many as fifty one slot machines in Viva Casino Sofia. The casino also has 188 rooms for the guests. Thus, the guests get the pleasure of playing and staying under one roof. Other gambling hot spots are Casino Rila, Casino Memphis, Casino Princess and Casino Varna. Several other casino hotels are also blooming up. Within the next five years Bulgarian gambling industry will definitely reach new heights.

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