Easter eggs are always a nice surprise in video games, but there are some from developers that are definitely crazier, wackier and funnier than others, and some that can really catch you off guard. And joining me today to voice over this entire episode of The Easter Egg Hunter is YouTube’s Oddheader, a channel created by a really awesome guy, and someone I hope to work with many more times in the future, as together, today, we check out 10 What the (sound effect) Easter Eggs Hidden in Video Games. – [Oddheader] Thank you again, James. It’s a huge honor to be on your channel. In Star Wars: Rebel Assault II: The Hidden Empire, a live action rail shooter adventure developed by the awesome Lucas Arts, a company renowned for their amazing point and click titles during the nineties and the occasional funny Easter egg. It is when you reach Chapter 11 inside the Terror that you should blast your way to the third scene, where you must work out a way across this void which is actually pretty simple, since you just have to blast upon these three connection panels and the bridge above will fall down.

(ammunition firing) But just before this happens, if you hold down W and B together on the keyboard to represent Warner Brothers, then this amusing scene will begin. – Look out! (Stormtrooper screaming) (cartoonish sound effects) – [Oddheader] While in a similar fashion, at the end of Chapter 12, if you hold down A, C and T just as you’re about to enter the elevator, then you’re treated to another wacky Easter egg. – [Character In Game] Let’s Go. I hope no one’s expecting us up there. – Be on the lookout for anything unusual. Find some great easter eggs at this website.

It’s been all clear here. Nothing to report. – Good, stay alert. If you screw up one more time, I’ll have you transferred to a refuse barge, where you’ll stay for the next 20 years.

Super Monaco GP. Super Monaco GP was created by Sega and released into the arcades in 1989. It’s a pretty decent racing simulation for the time, bringing with it many of the tracks based upon the 1989 Formula One season, pit crew action, and some pretty tough, unforgiving racing. It really tries to be as realistic as possible, but what isn’t realistic is the fact that on the Genesis port, you can send the flag man hurling into the air if you manage to hit him just as you cross the finishing line. (violent crash) But even more bizarrely, if you were to take the Super Monaco GP mode and manage to progress to the second race and end up finishing in the top three, and hold A plus B plus C just as you’re crossing the finish line, then for some reason your character will be holding his head up above his body like a trophy. (engine revving) (triumphant 8-bit music) And from one simulator to another, here’s Bus Simulator 18.

I think I’ll need several tickets. – Yeah, just one of many titles in the series dedicated to picking up and dropping off people at bus stops and expanding your ever growing business. It’s also a game you would never really expect to see a giant cabbage? So yeah, if you were to drive to the outskirts of Westfield, located in the far South West, and then hop outta your bus and locate this path and walk all the way to the top of it, it is here where you’re greeted by the mountain road salad Easter egg. You just found the secret giant mountain road salad!

Our artists ran out of eggs, so this is an Easter egg replacement. You can either invite new players or they can join via Steam or the servers. Must’ve been quite the hike up here.

I bet your passengers are waiting. – [Character In Game] Mars. I always thought of it as a romantic place, a planet of mystery and adventure. – [Oddheader] Next up is Red Faction, the 2001 first-person shooter created by Volition who are known for their wacky and hilarious Easter eggs. – Do I see that happening?

– No, you’re outside by the tavern! – Cool, I’ll get drunk! – [Oddheader] And if you happen to hunt around within the game files and folders, and particularly in the movie folder, it is here where you’ll find the technochuck Easter egg. (humming) (techno music) – [Character In Game] Follow me! Go, go, go! – [Character In Game] I had nothing to do with any of this!

Come on! – And if you’re in the mood for more dancing, let’s check out Nightmare House 2, the single player mod for Half-Life 2: Episode Two, which is definitely one of the creepiest mods out there. So in Chapter Seven, known as the Requiem, if you were to hop in the lift and take it all the way to the ground floor, it is here where Dr. Romero’s lab is located. And just as you enter, you will spot that the toilet door will slam shut, which is now locked upon trying to open it. But if you bring up the console commands and punch in noclip and peek inside, you will find Dr. Romero dancing.

That’s not the only crazy thing found in this game, as contained within earlier versions of the game, the developers decided to tuck away a secret music video found by punching in the map this_is_not_a_easter_egg into the console commands to which we’re greeted with a tribute to Amazing Horse. (“Amazing Horse” by Weebl’s Stuff) While the end of Lucy’s chapter in SadSquare Studio’s 2018 survival horror Visage, if you pick up the key resting in the sink and make your way to the study, there is a safe here that can be opened to reveal a note reading room 302, which is a reference to Townsend’s apartment in Silent Hill 4: The Room, and by heading down into the basement and locating the newly revealed door, not only will you be welcomed by a view into his apartment, but you’ll also be greeted by this incredibly crazy Easter egg. (tense, creepy piano music) (door creaking) (dance music) (door slams) In Battlefield V, by taking the map of Arras on conquest, it is while you wander through the vibrant fields of canola, the farms and homes across the village, that you might actually stumble upon what you would think is just an ordinary gnome. But if you decide to destroy it then something strange will start to happen.

(ammunition firing in distance) (characters shouting) (ammunition firing) – [Character In Game] Come on, move! – [Oddheader] Mass Effect. Once you’re onboard the Starship SSV Normandy in Bioware’s 2007 third-person shooter Mass Effect, if you utilize the interactive galaxy map to locate the Kelper Verge cluster and head to the plan to the Ontarom in the Newton system, it is here where you can locate a herd of space cows. (techno music) The one in particular is rather shifty compared to all the rest, hence the name the Shifty Looking Cow, and the reason for this? Well, if you happen to have your back to this mysterious creature, it would take the opportunity to creep up on you and steal your money.

When you have used your squad, return to conquer the region of Vaivenes located to the south west of the map in Just Cause 4. You should head down to this cow farm, where resting upon the porch of the farmer’s house, you’ll be able to discover and pick up this weapon known as the cow gun, a weapon that contains an infinite number of bullets and an ability to turn everyone into cows. (cow mooing) (cow mooing) (cow mooing) (Spanish guitar music) And if you’re feeling left out, then by hitting R1 on the PS4 controller, it will transform you into one too. (intense music)